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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexican Revolution vs. French Revolution Mexican Revolution vs. French Revolution 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Deaths (Thousands) Mexican French Reign of Terror The Revolt Mexico France The French citizens wanted a more representative government and a government that had more enlightment ideas.Not a monarchy. The second and third estates fought against the King and the first estate because of the unfair rule The Mexican citizens wanted independence from Spain, along with an end to racial inequality. Priest, Miguel Hidalgo organized and led the Mexican Rebels (the poor) with his speech the "Grito De Dolores" against Spain and the Mexican Royalists (the rich) 1810-1821 1788-1799 Spain responded by fighting back against the Mexican Rebelswith their government army and the Mexican Royalists. King Louis cowardly responded to the French Revolution. He pretended that it wasn't happening and eventually tried to flee the country. Years This is a propaganda poster from the time period of the Mexican Revolution. It says "Padre De La Indepencia" which means "Father of the Independence", referring to Miguel Hidalgo. This shows how important Miguel was to the Revolution. This political cartoon was made during the time of the French Revolution. It shows the king and the people from the first estate riding on top of a man from the second estate who is on top of a man from the third. This cartoon shows how unfair the estate system is. It also shows how they all relied on each other. Eventually, the unfair estate system became one of the main reasons for revolution The French Revolutionaries won the war by winning battles and taking over important buildings such as the Bastille. Eventually, They took and beheaded King Louis XVI. All of the Political Leaders and many citizens who critisized the Revolution were beheaded by the Guillotine. After the Revolution, France became a republic government The Mexican Rebels took many big cities such as San Miguel. After many years of fighting and the death of Miguel hidalgo, The Rebels eventually gained enough strength and both sides signed the Plan De Iguala. Spain gave up Mexico and it became a dictatorship with an emperor.
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