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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the entire world, and it has been the primary destination of choice among tourists for years. Considering the rich Mexican traditions, the kindness of Mexican people, the variety and high quality of their food and several other aspects, Mexico is awesome. Mexico City is built on a lake called Texcoco. The official name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexicanos. The city is constantly sinking and has sunk more than nine meters in some areas over the last 100 years. City of Hope and Capital in Movement. 1/3 3 / City of the Palaces Mexico City has had many nicknames HORNBILLS MEXICO THE The largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. Data from Funny and interesting about Mexico City Web. <> More than 20 million people live in Mexico City. Mexico City has the most museums in the world, with more than 160, almost all of which are free on Sundays! More than 4-5 million people use the metro everyday CITY FACTS Mexico City is the eight richest city in the world. When theres heavy traffic in Mexico City it can take 3 hours to drive what would normally take 15-30 minutes! Mexico City International Airport is Latin Americas largest and busiest airport. The citys famous Zócalo (large square in the city center) turns into one of the worlds biggest ice skating rinks every winter. In the years 2000 to 2004 an average of 478 crimes were reported each day the city. Has one of the highest police to resident ratios in the world. There is said to be one police officer for every 100 residents. Thousands of children and adults were dying and suffering diseases because of the extreme air pollution. The city also has over 100 art galleries, and 30 concert halls. The Alameda Central is the first urban park of the Continent. At least eight important archeological zones in Mexico City and surroundings: Cuicuilco, Santa Cruz Acalpixca (in Xochimilco), Templo Mayor (in Zocalo), Tlatelolco, Santa Cecilia, Tenayuca, Teotihuacan and Acozac. UNESCO has declared thehistoric Center, Xochimilco, and UNAM as a World Cultural Heritage.
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