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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The French and Mexican Revolutions By Maddie Marusek "We shall fight against those who oppose our just claims no matter who they are"-Miguel Hildago Both led their own country's revolution.Both led violent time periods. Hildago- March to Mexico City Robespierre- Reign of TerrorBoth were executed 1810-1821 1789-1799 Why did they revolt? Miguel Hildago delivered his "Grito de Delores" speech to spark the revolution publicly In both Mexico and France, the lowest caste revolted. In France this was the third estate. In Mexico this was the mestizos. "We must end the war of liberty against tyranny and pass safely across the storms of the revolution" -Maximilian Robespierre Taxes Dictatorship Napoleon Bonaparte tookcontrol over France after the revolution. The French and Mexican Revolutions Republic Antonio Lรณpez de Santa Anna and Guadalupe Victoria began the first Mexican Republic following the revolution. The storming of the Bastille bought the French revolution publicity, but it had been planned for awhile before that Neither of the governmentswere willing to change, so both revolutions were violent. Theking, queen and Robespierre had to be guillotined in France and a war was started and won in Mexico for these revolutions to be successful.
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