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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meteors - Meteorites - Meteoroids Meteors usually range from 1/8 millimeter to 8 inches in size. Thats's similar to ranging from a grain of sand to the size of a volleyball. METEORS are the streak of light we see from Earth once the "space rock" has entered ouratmosphere. They're also called "Falling Stars" Here is an example of a meteor shower, which is a group of meteors falling towards earth. By Aaron Miller A METEOROID is the stage of the rock before it turns into a meteor. It is the piece of rock that falls off of a comet or asteroid. A METEORITE is the part of the meteor that does not completely burn while traveling. The meteorite is the part of the asteroid or comet that hits Earth. COMET ASTEROID METEOROID METEOR METEORITE EARTH Meteors appear to be a streak of light because of the frictioncaused by the speed of the rock. Even if a meteor was the size of a grain of sand, it would still pass directly throughyour body when traveling at its full speed. = Imagine a rock traveling at a great enough velocity directly into water. No matter it's size, the velocity allows for it to pass through the water. A fireball is a meteor that looksto be on fire. It usually appears to bebrighter than the planet, Venus. Per. 8 Meteor rocks do not actually catch on fire the waya piece of firewood does. In addition, it is not normalfriction that causes the fire. The rock creates a pressurewave in front of itself and compresses the gas moleculesclose by which causes heat, and therefore, light.
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