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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meteors The majority of visible meteors are caused by particles ranging in size from about that of a small pebble down to a grain of sand, and generally weigh less than 1-2 grams. That is less than a paper clip. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] A meteor is a bright streak of light in the sky (a "shooting star" or a "falling star") produced by the entry of a small meteoroid into the Earth's atmosphere. If you have a dark clear sky you will probably see a few per hour on an average night; during one of the annual meteor showers you may see as many as 100/hour. What is a Meteor? Meteor showers are usually named after a star or constellation which is close to the radiant Fall % Find % Fall Weight Find Weight May June July Meteoroids, meteors and meteorites cannot support life. However, they may have provided the Earth with a source of amino acids: the building blocks of life. A meteoroid is a small body moving in the solar system that would become a meteor if it entered the earth's atmosphere. Meteorites are a meteor that survives its passage through the earth's atmosphere such that part of it strikes the ground. More than 90 percent of meteorites are of rock, while the remainder consist wholly or partly of iron and nickel. What's the Difference between meteoroids, meteorites, and a meteor Meteors, Meteorites, and Meteoroidsby Ryan Werner a small body of matter from outer space that enters the earth's atmosphere, becoming incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light The biggest meteor ever had an estimated radiusof about 118 miles this is about the radius of Rhode Island. Work Cited Work cited:https://solar
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