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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MesoAmerica Final Project Time :200 BC - AD 900Religion:polytheisticGovernment:Monarchy AZTEC INCA MAYA picture KEY FIGURE: diary AZTEC INCA MAYA 1. Large empire2.3.4. Similarities: 1.Both in south america2. 3. How did religon impact their civilizations?The people believed in many gods so each had similar beliefsHow did geography impact their civilizations?The places they settled in were chosen based upon their myths so not all people enjoyed the enviormentHow did trade impact their civilization?All the civilizations traded so each of them had lots of money Three theories for why the Mayans disappeared are.... 1.They conquered by another empire or all slayed by another empire..2.They were all wiped out by a huge disease epidemic.3.They all suffered from famine a long period without food similar to a droughtI believe the thriving Mayan civilization came to an end because .... They were conquered by another empire put in poor quality prisons which caused them disease and they were poorly fed therefore it killed them all. Picture Summary Innovation Time :AD 1100-1533Religion:polytheisticGovernment:monarchy Time : AD 1325- 1521Religion: PolytheisticGovernment:Monarchy By:Donny Moon Today we have finally reached the city of Macchu Picchu.I told my officers the plan we shall kill some men to showour power then we shall kill the king and take some ofthe riches.
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