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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mentuhotep II Ancient Egyptian Pharoh Mentuhotep II was a king of Ancient Egypt's 11th dynasty from 2081-1938 BCE. He started as a ruler of southernmost Egypt in about 2008 BCE. He united the country by conquering his enemies, beginning the period of the Middle Kingdom. Mentuhotep had power over Upper Egypt from Aswan to This, which was a city north of Thebes, the capital. He got a kingdom that had been in a non-continuous war for 60 years with the Heracleopolitan kingdom, because both wanted control over the entire country. In his 14th year of ruling, Mentuhotep started a goal to gain control over Heracleopolis. The Thebans were helped by a switch of rulers in the capital of their rivals. By 1968 BCE, Mentuhotep had conquered Heracleopolis and united Egypt again. In the following years, fighting was going on in the north against Bedouin, who often raided the Nile Delta. To make the unification stronger, Mentuhotep got the authority of Middle Egypt local governers, whom he left them in their jobs, making many strong territorial families during the beginning of the Middle Kingdom. The Middle Kingdom began a great development of Egyptian culture. Thebes was in a state of importance, being the capital and center of art at the time. The amazing monument of this time was Mentuhotep's mortuary complex, which was loosely based off of his ancestors' complexes. It was built on a large scale besides the ravishing sheer cliffs of western Thebes, and it revolved around a terraced temple with pillared porticoes. The amazing design, which represented a pristine pairing of architecture and landscape that was special at that time, had painted reliefs of heiroglifical texts and ceremonial scenes. The now-fragmentary reliefs are some of the best. They were carved in a one of a kind Theban style that can also be found in tombs of Mentuhotep's officials.
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