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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Memory Sensory: Lasts for a few secondsShort term: Lasts for a few minutesLong term: Lasts for a lifetime Types of Memory Procedural: - Memory for routine, skills and movements- Unconscious memoriesDeclarative: - Episodic: experiences and events- Semantic: facts and concepts Hippocampus- Plays a crucial role in storing short term and long term memory - Essential for memory function, particularly the transference from short to long-term memory- Control of spatial memory and behaviour- One of the few areas of the brain capable actually growing new neurons Biological Basis of Memory The brain is the centre of the nervous system The amygdala also performs a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions and social and sexual behaviour, as well as regulating the sense of smell - Performed a bilateral medial temporal lobe resection on patient HM- This was in an attempt to stop his epileptic seizures- From this, HM experienced a severe anterograde memory impairment- His impairment is mostly limited to his inability to register new facts in his long term - His immediate memory is preserved in both verbal and non-verbal tasks- H.M. only has problems with long term memory but has an intact short term memory- He has intact memories from his childhood, but cannot remember anything new - This shows that the structures that store memories are separate from the mechanisms that encode them Therefore the hippocampus plays a crucial role in storing short term and long term memory Case of HM Chloe Wan Samantha Fung
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