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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Efficacy & Usefulness PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT Improves memoryDelays cell proliferationProtects against heart failureControls body temperatureControls blood pressureRegulates circadian rhythm Melatonin acts on the central nervous system under conditions of stress and memory consolidation Melatonin binds to membrane bound G-protein-coupledreceptors MT1 and MT2 which are distributed to bodytissues responsible for bone formation Melatonin is considered a broad-spectrum antioxidantthat reduces free radicals responsible for cell injury $8 Melatonin may be a promising supplement for improving defensemechanisms in the heart COST Melatonin as a Dietary Supplement PRODUCT CLAIMS Melatonin may significantly delayosteoblast proliferation which may prevent spine abnormalities Melatonin may be beneficial in reducing age related bone loss Melatonin may enhance memoryrecognition during stress By: Sylvia Crowder FCS 4755 Isabel, T., Tamimi, F., Eimar, H., Barralet, J., et al. (2014). Melatonin dietary supplement as an anti-aging therapy for age-related bone loss. Rejuvenation Research, 341-346.Lifeng, L., Yue, Z., Ying, X., & Reiter, R. (2010). Melatonin delays cell proliferation by inducing G1 and G2/M phase arrest in a human osteoblastic cell line hFOB 1.19. Journal of Pineal Research , 222-231.Ozer Sehirli, A., Koyun, D., Tetik, et al. (2013). Melatonin protects against ischemic heart failure in rats. Journal of Pineal Research, 138-148.
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