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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dhaka Shenzhen Tokyo Megacities How do Megacities impact the environment? As we know, most megacities are built around industry. That is a good thing, but also a bad one. Pollution is a big problem in every megacity. Industry is not the only source of pollution. Cars, airplanes and other vehicles also take a majo part in pollution. Pollution is not the only way of harming the environment. Megacities take up tremendous amounts of space, and in order to get that space, people have to cut out forests, or even fill up smaller parts of ocean. How do megacities impact economy? Factories and other industries provide work for the people, and the people provide usually cheap labour for the business owners As megacities get to ship out products to other cities or countries, megacities and also the countries the megacities are in gain money, raising the wealth and the life quality of the inhabitants Life Quality Housing depends greatly on at what speed do the megacity grows and at what speed, for example if migrants arrive in the city. If the megacity grows too fast and does not have the available money to afford expansions and housing, then the life quality for many many people will drop. If the particular city can afford the expansions and housing, than the average people will have a good house. Life quality also depends on if the people have work available to them and if they can get jobs. Many megacities grow too fast or dont have enough wealth to expand and grow at the rate that would be otherwise necessary for the people. Another big problem is evolution. Many factories have started converting over to robots, and many workers have to leave because they are not needed. This again forces people to scavenge for work, and they are back at the start: without work or even a place to live in.
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