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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tokyo35 Million Dhaka15 Million Jakarta24 Million Efficient Public Transport Aiming towards Hybrid Electric cars 1947 - 250,000 2015 - 15 Million of Quality Little to NoPollution Least amount of Land dedicated to Road Will be Stuck if no Attempts of Improvements are Made Jakarta 24 Million 6o Kilometers of Elevated Railway Massive Eviction Rates for population found in Slums. President Abdul HamidRefusing to acknowledge the Massive Populationin Slums Fastest Growing Megacity Effects Of Economy Environment Tokyo - A good and stable economy allows room for improvement while keeping the population contentJakarta - A economy that is very much based the public transport cost, as well as money being brought in from the countries government form time to timeDhaka - A economy that has to throw a lot of money into traffic which cost up to $2 million a year, making it a hard and rough area to live in. A lot of people live in slums and the government does not lower the tax for the people in the slums Tokyo - Tokyo's little to no pollution, Tokyo feel comfortable to raise the tax rates because of the high quality of living.Jakarta - The extremely bad pollution and overcrowded streets and trains allow for diseases to spread at a high rate.Dhaka - With Dhaka being the biggest growing Megacity, the city has to grow the city out and had to take away from the nature around the area. Creating a busy and untimely feel to the cities citizens Megacities And The Quality of Life
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