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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Body Mind Breath I sit so that my spine is straight.My neck is straight and my ears are lined up with my shoulders.I allow my muscles to relax from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.My muscles have just enough tension to keep my spine straight, almost as though a string were connected to the crown of my head and pulling it upward. Meditation The Basics for Cultivating Mindfulness With my body prepared I turn my attention to my breath.I notice it naturally entering and leaving, without any effort on my part.It enters, it leaves - it comes, it goes - always changing, always in motion.I do not seek to control it, I'm simply observing it, as it moves in, then moves out.It may naturally become deeper, I do not force it to become so, it will do so on its own, in its own time. I can help it become so by letting it be, and quietly observing.I notice it coming in, I notice it going out. Then I return my attention to my breath. It comes in, it goes out.As I continue this day with a mind that is present to what is entering and leaving my experience, I realize that I can jump into the river and ride the raft.Or I can observe it as it passes through. Always moving, always changing, always temporary.Life is a traveling show of moments that can serve as fuel for worry or wonder, stress or stillness, jealousy or joy.Be a student of your breath. It comes in, it goes out. It doesn't force, it only flows. Master this approach to life and you will naturally experience yourself become empty of the chatter of distraction.Then you can be filled with the calm, concentration, compassion and character that changes the world around you. Simply because you took the time to change the world inside you. My mind may be naturally busy.Thoughts stream through my mind like a river, wanting my attention.I can jump into the river and be carried away by whichever thought I choose to use as my raft. Or, I can sit on the shore and watch them pass. These thoughts enter my mind, then leave again. If they are important, I will see them again.For now, I simply notice the river flowing.I also notice my breath, coming in and going out.I notice my thoughts, coming in and going out.I notice my spine has begun to slouch, it happens, so I gently straighten it again.
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