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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MEDICAL MEDICAL The implementation of the concepts and/or theories of physics in to the medicine/health care system to diagnose, understand and eventually treat a patient. PHYSICS PHYSICS The work carried out in this field is divided into 4 categories. Medical Physicists usually lead a research team who are concerned with a wide range of long term problems, as well as short term, such as cancer, heart problems etc. They also look into general medical significances to diagnose problems, such as measuring the amount of radioactivity inside the body. Look at new ways to improve and re-design the imaging machines to make it more efficient, in saving time and giving a much more accurate image. Medical physicists have to be very cautious about the amount of radiation they use and what type, as well as the exposure to a certain type of radiation. Professionals that deal with this are highly experts in radiation safety. Clinical Service and Consultation Clinical Service and Consultation Research and Development Research and Development Radiation Safety Radiation Safety Medical physicists are also excellent teachers who train the next generation of medical physicists. They teach undergraduate, graduate and residency programs. Teaching Teaching Medical physicists use expensive and high tech machines which is necessary for them to complete their everyday tasks. They use X-rays, MRIs, Ultrasounds, C-T Scans, PET Scans, and NuclearMedicine by injecting the patient with radioactive material. Medical physicists usually work inHospitals, Clinics, Doctors offices,labs, universities/colleges, and other institutes related withmedical physics. Equipment Used Equipment Used Where Do They Work? Where Do They Work? Hospitals and HospitalBased Research Establishments Hospitals and Hospital-Based Research Establishments - Earn a B.Sc. Honours degree (undergraduate degree)- Earn either a M.Sc. or Ph.D in Medical physics (Graduate Degree). These programs should be acknowledged by the Commission on Accredition of Medical Physics Educational Program" (CAMPEP).- Complete a Residency program in medical physics for 2 -3 years- Needs to be certified by the AmericanBoard of Radiology (ARB) which involves 3 exams. HOW Do I Become a Medical Physicist HOW Do I Become a Medical Physicist You can expect to earn about $51,000 - $117,000 based on where you work and the experience you have. Medical Physicist has had a huge impact in Medical Sciences that has surely affected everyones life for the better. By using advance machinery, which gives us a better insight of the body along with the application of physics theories, patients in the past have been treated or even cured from their health problem. Its because of this people are living a much longer and healthier lives. It has shaped the way we think, by imagining the impossible, lookingfor new ways to improve our quality of life. This involves the medical physicist diagnosing and determining the treatment,after consulting with a physician on the prognosis. These duties of a clinical Medical physicist are mainly found in radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging such as (X-rays, MRIs, C-T Scans etc.) How Has Medical Physics Affected Human Society. How Has Medical Physics Affected Human Society. -Developing new medical technologies and radiation treatments for the patient.-Developing more accurate imaging technologies thats utilizes different forms of radiant energy.-Providing new radiation therapies for patients who have cancer. Problems BeingAddressed by Medical Physicists Problems BeingAddressed by Medical Physicists Working forIndustries Working forIndustries Teaching Teaching 75% 75% 7% 7% 8% 8% Working forGovernment Working forGovernment 10% 10% Average Salary of aMedical Physicist Average Salary of aMedical Physicist Image taken from the Global Medical Physics Inbstitue Data recieved from "CancerCare Manitoba" Aspects of NatureMedical PhysicsDeals With Aspects of NatureMedical PhysicsDeals With What Is Medical Physics? What Is Medical Physics?
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