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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NOVEMBER 2014 KEVHORGANMEDIA.COM KEVINHORGANMEDIA.COM KevHorganMedia is committedto providing fair, accurate, andtruthful content that affectsurvivors of violent crime andbehavior. The stories on thiswebsite focus on the perspectiveof survivors and the organizationsthat assist them. Site contentcurrently includes such topics asdomestic violence and abuse,bullying, and human trafficking.However, as the site continues togrow, more topics and features will be introduced. Kev Horgan Kev Horgan JANUARY 2015 Kev Horgan is a crime & survivor news journalist in New Jersey. He obtaineda B.S. in Psychology from Sacred Heart University in 1998 and earned a lifetimemembership in Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology. Following his passion for criminal psychology, he earned classroom credits in CUNY John Jay Colleges Forensic Psychology MA Program. On August 8, 2014, he earned a Masters degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University.Along with his academicbackground in psychology and forensic psychology, Kevs experience as asurvivor of decade-longschool bullying in the1980s gives him aunique perspective andapproach in telling thestories of crimesurvivors. His commitment totreating survivors withrespect and empathyhas earned the trust ofseveral individualscoming forward topublicly share theirstories for the first timeexclusively,an honor for which hetruly feels grateful. Kev HorganOffers The Following Professional Services * Ghostwriting* Videography * Photography * Investigative Research* Copy and Content Editing * Multimedia Editing * Multimedia Production* Social Media Marketing Consultation * Freelance Multimedia Journalism for Print or Online Publication* As a qualified survivor news journalist and a survivor of bullying, Kev is also available for speaking engagements to discuss various survivor rights and issues. Contact Kev To Discuss Ratesfor Professional Services: Gmail: Google Voice: (202) 455-8888Mobile: (908) 616-9539On the Web: Follow KHM on Social Media: Twitter @kevhorganmediaFacebook KevHorganMedia LinkedIn Kev kevhorganmedia Twitter: 330 followers Facebook: 254 friends / 46 Likes Pinterest: 33 followers LinkedIn: 125 connections Social Media Followers: November 2014 The KHM Community is Growing: 12Month Stats The KHM Community is Growing: 12-Month Stats Unique Visitors: 1,400 Unique Visitors: 1,400 Pageviews: 4,240 Pageviews: 4,240 KHM has been viewedin 72 countries and throughout the U.S. KHM has been viewedin 72 countries and throughout the U.S. 293followers 293followers 330followers 330followers December 2014 December 2014 January 2015 January 2015 KHM experienced a 13% increase in Twitter followers during the last month KHM experienced a 13% increase in Twitter followers during the last month! * KHM Community Statistics as of December 16, 2014 * Source: Google Analytics KEVHORGANMEDIA Klout score: 49 Klout score: 49 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 October November December January
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