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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Media &Its Impact! 2009 Was a must have in high school. (Don't know howI survived almost 2 years without one). Was away to connect with friends and teammates.Not as important career wise than it is now. Today, I engage in more conversations overshared articles and photos. Spreading the word of businesses that I like, especially Mom's animalshelter, is very important to me. It has givenme an outlet to express myself. My look at mediaand a few questions for you to ponder. 2011 Able to express my love for art via this app and add filters to itand share it on to my Facebook and Twitter. I gain endless inspiration from them. It shows me worldsI may never see, encourages me to keepexploring, and to share my experiences with others. I enjoy news and when I seeCNN use Instagram photos, I am inspiredto document events around me because younever know if a news outlet will ask to publishyour photos. 2012 2006 Changing from just music allowed for new media to be used, which allowsfor large ranges of audiences to bereached. Changed the way I watched, absorbed, and reacted to news/events around me. Gave me a different perspectiveon how others view life and,most importantly, live. Originally forbidden by parents, in 7th grademy friend Mayely and I shared one. Got me intophotography because I could share it withfriends. The personal profiles with backgroundsand music was a unique feature. At the time, itgot me into the mindset that picture likes and profile views were important and meant popularity, which is sad for me to think of now because they aren't important at all for me today. The Future My future with media might change 10-20 years from now, but Iknow that my experiences with these networks, platforms, andapps has helped me become the kind of person I am today andhas given me a chance to express my love for music, art, andthe world. Without these developments, maybe my life would beless cluttered, but I wouldn't have experienced so much. I amgrateful for these experiences and hope the future is just as amazing with it's abilities and holds endless promise. 1st FB profile pic! Tom: He's on my Top 8! Spring Break 2013! Do you have a favoritememory of MySpace? What do you like least about FaceBook? How often doyou Instagram? What's your guiltypleasure show on MTV? What mediaplatform will last?
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