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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bias Found in Media Outlets Politicians publish stories to accuse and personally attack their rivals, The Priorities of Outelts Political Campaigns Bias Accusations Thingsto Know Media Outlet- A publication or broadcast program that provides news and feature stories to the public, Stories that reveal a political figure's private life boost broadcast ratings, Bias Accusation-a claim that someone has stated influential facts that are incorrect, Manipulated Media causes the population tobecome unable tomake informed decisionson their own, Three Things can Cause an Outlet to Lose its Validity *Common media outlets list profits as a top priority, *Audiences are more likely to watch the news if it entertains them, rather than inform them, Bias-prejudicein favor ofor against one thing, *News stations will tend to focus on the personal lives of candidates, *These reports push important public issues out of discussion, *Accusations can cover an attemptof wrongfully gaining support, Outlets of informationfight for viewers to support them, *To an audience, stations that are subjective should not be followed. *News people try to awaken thenational conscience and force public opinion, Bias in the media can positively affect a nation by encouraging the people to join together and fight for what they believe in. However, handing out false information to widespread viewers means nothing but trouble to those receiving it. Produced Through December 15, 2014 Vincent Vuskalns P2
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