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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Medical Missionaries Farmers vs EducationalRequirements EducationalRequirements Job Outlook EducationalRequirements Travel the world and provide medicalhelp and experience. The requirements are the same as a doctoror nurse. The average medicalmissionary makes about82,000 dollars a year according to SimplyHired. The job outlook for doctorsand medical practitionersis going up, because a machine can not replace a doctor. Job Description "Farmers usually work will animal production, dairy and crop production and some do work with all three. The most common animalon farms are pigs,cows and sheep, and crops produce cereal, grains,and salad." As stated in Prospects. No education is neededbut a degree is helpful, as stated in Education Portal. Though the salary canvary the average is $69,300 a year, according toBureau of Labor Statistics. Job Description Pros The job outlook has gonedown for the past few years but it has recently been on the rise. Self employment, traditional lifestyle, and a lucrative profits. "Often receivehelp from government programs" according to Learning Cons Pros You get to see the world as you help save peopleslives. Cons Salary Job Outlook Salary "Farm work is physically strenuous" according to You have to travel non-stop,there is often no medicalbackup, the circumstancesare sometimes more difficult in other countries.
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