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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Road to MECHANICS 1st You need a high school diploma!! No particular courses, but taking Auto. Class will definitely help you learn some basics! 2nd Want to start your degree while you're still in high school? OYAP- Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program can help. OYAP is a school-work transition program offered in high schools.o Full time Grade 11 and 12 students (or at least 16 yrs old) can get co-op credits through work placements in the trade. (Have to have at least 16 high school credits to start taking part)o To take part talk to a guidance counselor at school! 3rd College Program: -An Apprenticeship Program that has 3 levels -Each level is 8 weeks long and for the rest of the year you can work until your next level! COST: o $400 per level for tuition o Information Technology Fee - $43 per level (e-mail address, internet access etc.) Other costs may be associated with:o Textbookso Safety footwear/glasseso Parking/Lockers fees if desired 4th How to Apply to College:First, you need an Ontario Secondary School DiplomaMust be already employed in the tradeMust be formally registered as an apprentice with Ministry of Training, Colleges and UniversitiesMust have formal Offer of Classroom Training from the MinistryMust be released by employer to attend 5th How to Become an Apprentice:o Registration for Apprenticeship programs takes place through the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. For further information contact:o Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities Employment and Training Division 347 Preston Street, 3rd FloorOttawa, ON K1S 3H8613-731-71001-877-221-1220 Having a hard time finding an employer to take you on? o To become an Apprentice, you have to find an employer who is willing to train you and help you take part in the programo You can apply directly to an employer or uniono Try looking on 6th What the College Courses are Like:Course work focuses on: -Work practices, engine systems, electrical, electronics, emissions, fuels, drive train systems, suspensions, steering, braking systems, etc.Some work is in-class, and some is hands on in labs! For more information on the Automotive Service Technician program offered at Algonquin College visit:OR contact: For more information on the Automotive Service Technician program offered at Algonquin College visit:OR contact: 7th The Workplace! n/ Martin Restoule, Program Coordinator, at 613-727-4723 ext. 5153 or
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