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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ...typically do not get more than eight hours of sleep a night. 62% 10% 92% *Survey taken out of 100 McLean students *The survey included 50 students taking one or more AP classes and 50 taking strictly general education classes Students inGeneral Courses who... ...feel that they do not have a sufficient amount of time with friends and family. Students in AP Courses who... 70% not have enough time to participate in after school activities. 50% 52% ...feel they do not have an adequate amount of free time. ...reported feeling stressed about school. 60% Out of 100% 84% 76% 30% McVital Signs:AP Classes vs. General Courses Out of 100% Just when you think you are home free, school is almost out and the beach is waiting, then "bam" the entire school is flipped upside down and the stress sets back in as students are hit with course selection packets, books, forms,and meetings. Every year it is the same struggle for so many McLeanstudents, a dread like no other. To be forced to judge their course load long before it even starts.Students wont even be able to judge their success, or in some cases failure until just around theThanksgiving Holiday of the upcoming year anyway. But what exactly is the difference in the personallives of students taking AP versus honors or regular classes? This survey was taken of 50 studentstaking one or more AP class and 50 in only general education or honors, in order to discover how the rigor of these classes impacts other areas of Mclean students lives.
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