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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Employee Wellness Social Responsibility Environmental Protection Workplace Diversity Offers career development classes:Asian Pacific Middle East, Black, Hispanic, Lesbian Gay, Women. Provides the following:Medical insurance*Prescription drug coverage*24-hour nurse line accessVision discount*Available dental*Short-term disability*Term life insurance*(*Certain availabilityand eligibility requirements.) Helped found RonaldMcDonald House CharitiesCharity provides comfort and care to children and families who are seriously ill. 90% of surveyed restaurantsrecycle used cooking oil.77% recycling corrugated cardboard. AAJC (Asian American Justice Center)NAACPNational Urban LeagueNational Council of La RazaThe Wounded Warrior ProjectOCA (Organization of ChineseAmericans)HACR (Hispanic Association forCorporate Responsibility)American Indian Scholarship FundAsian Pacific Islander AmericanScholarship FundLULAC (League of United LatinAmerican Citizens)Congressional Black CaucusCongressional Hispanic Caucus Some External Partnerships include: Job Safety Provides safety programs to clearly communicate safety standards and procedures.Encourage suggestionsto improve health and safety. From theCode of Conduct:"employees mustimmediately reportaccidents and unsafepractices or conditionsto their immediatesupervisors." Citations: Jessica SchenkHafza Khan
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