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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Eat Healthy!Not McDonalds! How often do you eat at McDonalds? (Class Poll) Once a year Once a month Never Everyday or once a week (less than 1%) Is eating at McDonalds to often a bad thing? By Pranav Nallapati Yes! U.S. Obesity, Type two diabetes and other health concerns, and the malnutritious food are some of the things that are causedby eating there and are some of the reasons why you should not go to McDonalds that often. -U.S. Obesity Work Cited - is on original work cited page The U.S. Obesity rates are greatly increasing over the years. The U.S. has also been one of the most obese countries of the world. Eating at unhealthy fast food chains like McDonalds are one of the reasons causedfor obesity. These are the U.S. obesity ratesfrom 1990 to 2007. As you can seethe numbers greatly increased. -Diabetes and other chronic health problems In the movie Supersize Me, director Morgan Spurlock ate at McDonalds for 30 whole days. He ended up in the emergency room with serious health problems.So how unhealthy is the food at McDonalds? Well research showsthat the preservatives and other bad ingredients can cause serioushealth damage. Also consuming to many preservatives can causecancer and other health concerns. -Malnutritious Food This is what eating excessiveamounts of McDonalds food cando to you. This chart shows what typetwo diabetes is and the harmfulaffects it can cause. The food at McDonalds is very malnutritious. It lacks of healthy ingredients like vitamins and minerals. But instead they consist of trans and saturated fat and a heck a lot of preservatives. So eating their to often is a big no.But some of the burgers do have protein which is neededin a meal. Otherwise you should not eat their to often. As you can see for the burgers especially the Big Mac, they are full of Saturated Fatand Trans fat. Did you know McDonalds serves 1% of the world population everyday? Weird fact: In Israel they serve the McFalafel???
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