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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ObjeciveSummary Theme Maze Runner Careful with whom you make friends with, becausesoon you might lose them,or they get you in trouble. All the gladers want to survivethe maze, but the maze was fullof twists and turns, and dangerous killing monsters. Plot In the beginning Thomas woke upunconscious. He didn't remember anything, except for his name.He met a boy named Chuck, andthy became friends. Chuck showed Thomas around,and explained every thing to him.Thomas heard screams from a distance, like he had never heard before.He then went to a building with the "leaders"and asked to speak to Newt. But Alby and GallyWouldnt let him pass. So Thomas decided to try andhelp the gladers get through themaze. He had succeeded with few people. His good friend Chuckdidn't make it. In the Middle, Thomas broke through Alby and Gally. He ran up the few flightsof stairs, then seen Newt. Newt wasno happy with him up there. Later in the evening,Chuck had an idea to pull a prank on someonein the bathroom. He told Thomas that he does this all the time. Him and Thomas sneaked upto the bathroom, and banged on the window.Newt came out, and Chuck was gone. He had ran and left Thomas. Thomas got into some troublewith Newt didn't like Thomas at all. In the end, all the gladers wentinto the maze. The ran intoa couple of riddles.F, L, O,A,T,C,A,T. It meant catch float catch. The otherone was 6 words. FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, and push. Thomas andTeresa tried to talk totalk to Thomas, buthe wouldnt talk to anyonefor some reason.Teresa and Thomas both just badly cut from a mysterious thing. There was a monster trying to kill all the gladersthat were left. Teresa had to push a button and , something greatwould happen. Very few survived the maze. Characters Thomas- He is the main character who decides to take lead, and help the otherglader live out the maze. Thomas is very smart, and brave,and strong. Chuck- Thomas' first friend,He ends up not making it in the maze,along with Teresa. Alby and Gally- Both are like Newt's sidekicks. They are brave, and are willing to sacrifice themselves. Alby tried to sacrifice himself but failed. Gally- He is really mean, and didnt like Thomas at all. But he still went with Thomas'ideas in the maze. The story is taken place in a ginormousmaze. It is almost modern day, because ituses technology. Setting
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