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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mother of 1 son (Clyde/Guy)OpportunisticAmbitiousLoving Maya Angelou Born Marguerite Annie JohnsonBorn: April 4, 1928St. Louis, MissouriDied: May 28, 2014PoetAuthorCivil Rights Activist -begins in San Francisco at Melroserecord shop-uneasiness felt around white peopleshown at meeting of Louise Cox-Angelou gets a job at the record shop-meets Tosh Enistasious, who isGreek and "technically not white"-Tosh and Maya marry-marriage is shortly lived-"I think I'm just tired of beingmarried." - Tosh -Maya and Clyde leave Tosh to live inMaya's mother's home-Maya (Rita) auditions and gets a job at the Garden of Allah ("dingy strip joint")-works as a dancer but not as a "dancer"-basically transforms the bar-fired for how good she is-takes place of Jorie, who is a singer-comedienne at The Purple Onion How Maya Angelou Received Her Name Lloyd Clark, Jorie's drama coach is the inventor. "Maya" came from her brother. "Angelou"comes from Maya's married name, Angelos. Lloyd thought "Angelos" was "...too Spanish. Or Italian." He suggesteddropping the "s" and adding a "u." -people from Porgy and Bess visit ThePurple Onion-Maya is invited to go on tour with them.-Maya also auditions for a broadway musicalin NYC and is accepted-rejects broadway, goes on tour worldwidewith Porgy and Bess for the sake of travel and meaning of play-travels to Italy, France, Greece, Yugoslavia,and Egypt, as well as 17 other countries-audiences grow larger, but so does her guiltfor leaving her son. Clyde, in the US-Maya moves back to San Francisco andrestores their relationship.-Maya gets a performing job in Hawaii, and both she and Clyde (now called Guy) move tothe state. "Although I was not a great singer I was his mother, and he was my wonderful,dependently independent son.
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