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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Born (December23rd, 1917) and raised in Brooklyn, New Yorkwith her parents andtwin siblings. Went to graduate schooland wrote, "Philosopher as Man",featuring her ideason how teachers should behave likepeople. The papermet opposition from her professor, and itwas then that shedecided to enroll in the doctorate program at New York University double click to change this title text! Maxine Greene In 1938, she graduatedfrom Barnard College. 1949: Receives Masters Degree from New York University1955: Receives Ph.D., Philosophy in Education,from New York University Disliked her privileged upbringing,specifically how it consumed her mother.She sought to break free fromher "airless life" (Oringel, 2002). 1950-1955: Instructor, New York University in Philosophy and Literature in the English Department Work Experience 1956: Associate Professor,Montclair College in Literaturein the English Department 1962: Associate Professor, Brooklyn College (CUNY) in Foundations of Education and Philosophy Educational Leader 1965: Editor, Teachers CollegeRecord; and Associate ProfessorEnglish, then Professor of Philosophy of Education, Teachers College, Columbia University 1976: Philosopher-in-Residenceat the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education 1984: First female President of the American EducationalResearch Association in 31 years 1987: President of the Philosophyof Education Society December 23, 1917 May 29, 2014
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