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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Maximum Ride, Schools out forever. Theme: The theme is you never leve your friends side. Objective summary:The flock wanted to find there parents but they don't no where to look so they go one a road trip to find them with the book they found in the house they were staying at. Objective summary: Who:The flock,What: there background, When: The spring,WHERE:A beach (where Fang is bleeding badly) A hospital (where Fang is stitched up) Anne Walker's house (where the flock stays while Fang is healing) School (not THE School, A school, where Anne sends the flock) Florida Disney World (where the kids beg Max to let them go) A motel (where they stay) Itex (where Max fights Max 2) A swamp-like place in Florida (where the flock spends a night) Another beach (where Max cuts her arm with a broken shell while trying to get the chip out) Why: To find there mom and dad,How: Flying and stopping to rest. Characters: The Flock consists of Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman (Gazzy), and Angel,they are also joined by Total, the flying, talking dog. Eventually, Dylan is added to their ranks; however, in ANGEL, it is still unclear if Max considers Dylan a Flock member. Plot: In the beginning the flock is flying andwhile there flying they run into some erasers who they fight and they hert fang really bad and when he went down he landed on a beach where a guy called the 911 hotline witch a ambulance came and took him to the hospital. About half way threw the book fang got betterand the flock went to some girls house that worked for the FBI.In the end the flock is stil looking for there parents.Climax: The climax is when max is taken and is replaced with a fake max. The setting: Most of the book it is in the summer in present Virginia. Theme: You can't trust anyone you meet.
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