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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONTRIBUTIONS CONNECTIONS " WORK CITIED He believed in the method ofverstehen: 'understanding the social behavior of othersby putting yourself mentallyin their places.'He had rationalism as a keyinfluence in the change froma preindustrial to an industrial society. Rationalism: 'the mind-set emphasizing knowledge, reason,and planning. ... ... BIOGRAPHY Max Weber. Digital image. The Economist. The Economist Newspaper, 09 Jan. 2009. Web. 08Jan. 2015. <>. Weber wrote on topics such as the nature of power, the religions of the world, the nature of social classes, and the development and nature of bureaucracy.His most famous book is "The ProtestantEthic and the Spirit of Capitalism."He was also a university professortrained in law and economics. By: Dana Ahlstrom Max Weber(1864 - 1920) Sociology Book Max was affected psychologicallyby his parents conflicting values.He ended up have a mental breakdown. Afterword, he did someof his best work. Max was the eldest son in his family. His dad was a well-to-do German lawyer and politician. His mother was a Calvinist who rejected her husbands lifestyle. Verstehen: His parents conflictingvalues contributed to why hethought this was a great method.This allowed him to shed his values and put himself in someone else's shoes. His mental issues contributed tothis also.Rationalism: Through this he stressedrationality and objectivity. Thisprovided a change from the tradition,emotion, and superstition of preindustrial society. An example isthat agriculture became grounded in science rather than in belief.
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