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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wakn uk Dwarfi sm Bot h My Group: Dwarfism Back Ground Information: Dwarfism is a genetic and non-genetic disease. The disease might be genetic because one or both of the parents might have it and then if the baby ends up having it, it will be genetic. But in other cases it might not be genetic because someone might be born with it even though the parents dont have it making it non-genetic. Waknuk Background Information: the town was created because the town were david's grandfather grew up was not religious. The town of Waknuk was founded by Davids grandfather Elias Storm The Image of God: The image of God means are you true are you not deformed. The image of god is to have 1 hand on each arm only have 2 arms and only have 5 fingers on each hand and 2 legs on each leg 1 foot on each and have 5 toes on each foot to have one head and on the head have a face on the face have two eyes one nose one mouth and two ears. How Deviations are Discriminated Against in Waknuk: deviations are discriminated against in waknuk. if there is a deviational crop (offence) they have to burn down the field because it might spread to other fields or grow back next season and if they is a human deviation (blasphemie) then they send them into the fringes and if you are a girl they tie there tubes so they cant reproduce in other words not have babies. How are they being discriminated against together (E.g. They are both judged by looks) Even though people with dwarfism and people who have deviations are completely different there still Hmade fun of in the same way. An example of this would be how they are judged just by their looks instead of who they actually are. both don't have an opportunity to have jobs because the deviants are kicked out when they are born so they don't have a chance to get a job and for the people with dwarfism usually dont get jobs because of their size and cant get into the jobs they desire. the deviant and people with dwarfism are both social outcasts because the deviants are kicked out and are not included in the true image of god when people with dwarfism are criticised, left out, and not noticed by other people because of their size when they are just like you and but smaller it s the same thing with the deviants just like you and me but with extra limbs or fingers of special abilities.
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