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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HONEST: NEGATIVE: POSITIVE: TRUE STEAL. INSTINCTS. FLEXIBILITY Maverick Schultz STRENGTHS An old-school linebacker that is a bit undersized but plays with the emotion of a true champion. Mav reminds me of retired NFL linebacker, Zach Thomas.His instincts are out of this world and he does an amazing job of fitting the right gaps and maintaining gap discipline. He has the discipline yet he's not so robotic that he uses and trusts his instincts to make big plays. A physical specimen, Mav has great tools that translates well at the next level starting with his physicality, discipline, smarts, instincts, and great tackling ability. WEAKNESSES To succeed at the collegiate level, Maverick will have to improve his overall speed and general athleticism. With the explosion of heavy-based spread offenses, he will be exploited due to his lack of flexibility (tight hips) and foot speed to keep up with fast and athletic Running Backs, Slots, and Tight Ends. The other major weakness or knock on Mav will be the level of competition that he is competing against. I really think his skills will translate and level out and that he will adjust to the speed of the college game quickly because of his smarts and instincts. He's not most coaches dreams but he will be in the right position and force turnovers to help win football games. Evaluated By: Kendrick Smith
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