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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Maus Before the War Hop on the Jewish Mistreatment Bandwagon! 70AD: The Romanmilitary slaughters roughly1,000,000 jews 613AD: Jewish Spaniardsare forced to either leaveSpain or convert to christianity 1130AD: All London Jews are forced to pay one million marks due to murder accusations these are a few early instances Auschwitz Escape! The eventual escape from Auschwitz was not very glamorous, most who left the camp as free men and women had simply been left behind when the Germans evacuated because they were too sick or old to march Cited Pages Bonus facts on "Maus" The author of Maus used animals to representhis characters due to their natural relationshipswith one another in the wild, and putting humansin some of the situations seemed rather gruesome. Jan,1945 A heavy theme in Maus is Familial guilt, and since Maus is based on a true story it is believed that the book is the authors way of dealing with his own guilt. Fall, 1939 GermanyInvadesPoland! People have speculated on why NaziGermany invaded Poland early on,a weak military, formerly German land,and feints designed to confuse Britainand France are all valid resons Timeline By:Elliot Waugh, Reid Christie, Endy Liang, Zacerie The Germans liked this guy!? Maus is told in third person. This was done to give the same narrative experience that the author received from his father while writing his book. In Germany at the time of the elections, the view on Hitler was different to that wich we have now.This was a time of turmoil and Hitler promised land, food, and money to the german people, and so, the people followed. Art Speigelmen did, in fact, write a comicstrip about his mothers death. It was originally releasedin "Short Order Comix #1" titled "Prisoner on Hell Planet"
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