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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Japanese and Chinese culture share similar traditional values. They both have strong family ties and strict morals. In the book a woman is nothing a woman has to obey her father and or husband.Yu-I is the main character. Her mother woke her up and started to bind her feet. She talked about how all woman want bounded feet. Men will want you more if your feet are bounded. After a few days the second brother put a stop to this.they talked about who would want her or take care of her. The brother said he would. In the book the waiting years tomo and her husband shirakawa have a unhappy marriage. He implies to tomo that he wants concubines. She does as she is asked and goes out and gets him concubines. The reason she is so willing to get her husband concubines is she can no longer stand shirakawa. She cannot leave because of the children they had. So she keeps the concubines there so she no longer has to deal with them. She looks at her past and sees she lost her chance to get out. She saw what type of future her and shirakawa would have. Japanese people are more reserved, having come from an island country. Chinese are more open, having come from a very large country where the people are not very homogeneous. The Chinese culture is rich and booming. The Chinese past is a marvelous one. Great generals leading armies into war. Great buildings that still stand today. During the revolution the Chinese declined in greatness The Japanese society is also a great one, but they have not always been. Before the beginning of the 20th century Japan did not have any technology or modern transportation, such as the train. Their army was also still using swords while the rest of the world was using guns.
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