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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MATTER The particle theory is also known as the kinetic theory, the kinetic theory believes that all matter is made up of tons of tiny particles that are always moving.How much the particles move depends on weather their solid liquid or gas. THE PARTICLE THEORY SOLOUTIONS what are solutes and solvents? A solute is something that dissolves in a solvent for example sugar.and a solvent is something that dissolves a solute for example water. An unsaturated solution is a solution has very little of the solute in it a saturated solution is when the solutionhas just enough of the solute in it. A super saturated solution is when you trick the solution to hold more then its supposed to and the only way you can do that is by heating it PURE SUBSTANCE MIXTURES A pure substance is a substance that is made up of only one type of particle or atom A mixture is something that ismade with two or more substances that can often be separated back intoits original components, like milk and cereal MECHANICAL MIXTURES A mechanical mixtureis a mixture but you can see the different substances either with a microscope or with the naked eye WHAT IS A SOLUTION? A solution is a mixture of two ormore substance but it is very difficult to tell substance fromsubstance which means it is a homogeneous mixture SOLID: LIQUID: GAS: In a solid the particles are packed very close together in a liquid the particles have a little moreroom to move. in a gas the particles have lots of space to move around
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