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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Matilda Author: Roald Dahls A grouchy and mean couple have a very sweet girl, Matilda.Unlike her mean brother and rude parents, she is a very and very intelligent and she is 6 years old. that wants to go to school and read books. After she begged her parents to put her into school, theydid put her into school with the worst principal in the world, but a very sweet teacher, and some good friends. while Matilda is trying to put up with her parents and principal, she starts to have powers, like destroying the television and making a newt fly onto the principal. with enough practice , Matilda starts to learn to control her and plans to soon drive the principal awayfrom the school. Plot Abbi McCay Crunchem Hall Primary School in England Setting Mrs. Honey is static because she is sweet and never mean she is sweet to her students Mrs. Wormwood dynamic because she is nice to Mrs, Honey whenshe is talking to herbut everyone else she is mean to. Mr. Wormwood static becausehe is mean in the whole book. Michael Wormwood is static because he is mean to Matilda in the book. Matilda is dynamic becauseshe is nice to Mrs.Honey but sheis mean to her parents. Good vs. Evil Mrs. Wormwood said " You're the only daughteriv'e had ever had, Matilda. I have never understood you one bit .. who has a pen?" Mrs. Wormwood saysshe doesn't understand Matilda because she is different then there family and she is very intelligent and her family isn't that intelligent. she ask's for a pen becauseMrs, Honey wants to adopt Matildabecause she really likes Matilda & Matilda's parents act like they don't care about her and Mrs. Honey would take good care of her. Key quote Theme 5 new vocabulary words(definitions, and page numbers) Mrs. Trunchbell is static because she is mean to all of her students and every otherperson. Main Characters: Delve; reach inside a receptacle and search for something.; page 9Devouring; quickly; page 13
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