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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Matched Theme: Stop at nothing for love.Never give up. Stand up for whatyou believe in. Setting: The setting supportsthe theme because she is ina place where they chose a husband/match for youdespite how people really feel. Character: The Protagonistis Cassia and she supports the theme by fighting for whatshe believes in for love. Objective Summary:Cassia wanted to be matched with Ky Markham but, she was matchedwith her best friend Xander. So Cassia and Ky like each otherin secret and share secrets that will keep their love going for a long time, and she promised that she would find him again one day. Beginning: Cassia isabout to be matched when the screen goes blank, and people whisper around herin shock. This can only mean one thing,that the person she ismatched with is there in the very room sheis in. It was her best friend Xander. She couldn't be morehappy. When theyare matched they geta computer chip tellingthem about their match. Everything is going great when another boys picture pops upon the screen, Ky Markham. Middle: Cassia is falling in lovewith Ky, and he is teaching her how to write and draw.The Officials are watching them all of the time. She goes on her first date with Xander.She is a sorter and she has to sort Ky if she sorts Ky intoa good group then he willprobably leave forever. So she makes a dicision that will changeboth of their lives. End: Cassia and Ky admit that they like each other.Ky has to be taken awaybecause his job transported him.She promised that she will find him. She tells Ky this, and hegives her the material that she willneed to find him again. She also moves to the Outer Providence.Away from everything that sheloves.
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