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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buy A Home - Buying a home has some great investment opportunities. Not only is the interest paid on your home fullydeductible, it is a great investment as your homes equity can be a great source of retirement income. Maintain an Emergency Fund - make sure you have at least three to six months worth ofexpenses saved in an emergency fund to see yourself through difficult times. Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt - Trying to save while having a large credit bill can seem impossible.Paying off your credit cards will give you an immediate return that you can start putting towardssavings. Set Specific Goals - Saving tends to be easier when you have a certain purpose in mind.Make sure you develop a strong plan that has both a time frame and dollar amount. Master Your Money Pay Yourself First - Save and invest 5-10% of your gross annual income. Take Advantage Of Tax-deferred Investments - If your employer hasa tax-deferred investment plan like a 401(k) or 403(b), use it. Often,employers will match your investment. Diversify Your Investments - When it comes to managingrisk to maximize your return, it pays to diversify.Simply put, dont put all your eggs in one basket. Write A Will - The simplest way to ensure that your funds,property and personal effects will be distributed accordingto your wishes is to prepare a will. Insure Your Family Adequately - Unexpected illness or an accident can be devastating on your finances. Make sure you have the proper insurance that will cover only financial losses so largeyou could not cope financially.
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