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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mass Media Means of communication that reach large audiences Developed with lightning speed Black and White broadcast Federal Communications Commision - regulates and licenses television 1950 - 9% of homes1954 - 55% of homes1960 - 90% of homes Period of rapid expansion-the golden age The television Edward R. Murrow- on-the-scene news reporting- Interviewing Businesses took advantage1950: $170 million spent on advertising1960: $2 Billion spent on advertising TV Guide-outsold other magazines TV dinners- ready-to-heat dinners- easy to eat eithout missing tv shows Critics of Television afraid the violence would negatively affect the children Stereotypes- women appeared as ideal mothers-Father Knows Best -The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet-Male characters outnumbered female charcters 3 to 1 African Americans and Latinos rarely appeared in programs omitted references to poverty and diversity Instead, TV glorified historicalconflicts on the western frontier.-Gunsmoke-Have Gun Will Travel Radio and movies -Radio did not compete with television for drama and variety shows-news, weather, music, and community issues -radio advertising rose by 35%-number of radio stations increased by 50% Tv decreased the number of moviegoers by half Movie producers though Hollywood would crumble away-Capitalized on advantages movies had over TVs-size-color-stereophonic sound -1954: more than 50% of movies had color- color television available in 1954, but was not widespread until the next decade Smell-o-vision piped smells into the theater to coincide with events showed o the screen
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