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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rise Of Radio By:Jules Millward The Golden Years Radio is the USA's second mostpowerfulmedium. reaches 59% of the population daily Online radio is used by only 15% of listeners 124.1 minutes spent daily listening (per capita) Lee De Forest The theoretical basis of theradio was thought of by James Maxwell in 1864 Nikolai Tesla experimented with wireless communication in 1893 Originally, the radio was unable to transmit speech, and its sole use was morse code, which was popularized by WWII, where it was used to communicate with troops. After applying for a commercial radio license in 1920, Westinghouse Company created hundreds of radio stations, and with the help of engineer Frank Conrad, became the first U.S.broadcasting company. With this company, the first sports radio broadcast was the Carpenter-Dempsey fight on July 2nd, 1921. In 1923, the first radio ad was done on WEAF, a New York based AT&T Station. In 1924, National Political Conventions were broadcasted for the first time on a nation wide network. NBC was established in 1926 became one of the first of the 1920 radio networks. The first radio journalists of that time were Edward Murrow and Walter Cronkite. -After World War II, radio switched to musical entertainment, no longer having ample and interesting war news and stories to air.-The AM radio played the top 40 songs on a loop.-The FM radio gained popularity in the 60's and 70's with newer music that continued to expand radio music int the 80's and 90's. In 1986, the British Government gave Guglielmo Marconi the official patent and rights for the radio. During the 2000's and later, the radio is still on rise and expands to satellite radio and internet radio, becoming available in cars and handheld. STATS One prime year during "The Golden Years" was 1918.During this year, a lot happened, including the founding of the Radio Corporation of America. Also, Edward Armstrong invented superheterodyne circuit technology, helping radio become a more household and realistic item.Furthermore, in 1913-1921, President Woodrow Wilson broadcasted on the radio, perhaps inspiring the later Franklin "Fireside Chats"Finally, World War I ended in 1918, spurring advancements and profit in the radio business. 8/26/1873 - 6/30/1961-A American Inventor nicknamed "Father of Radio"-Credited with over 180 patents-invented "Audion" tube (now called a "triode") that made the radio transmission of the human voice possible James Maxwell 6/13/1831 - 11/5/1879-Scottish Mathematical Physicist-formulated classical theory of electromagnetic radiation-first toyed with radio concept
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