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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mary Pickford Friends Mary Pickford Souces Information Jobs: Actress,Producer,ScreenwriterBorn: April 8, 1892Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada Originally:Gladys Mary Smith I just started the United Artists. It's becoming very popular since mass media allowed a lot of people to listen to shows and the radio for cheaper. I hope you like our new show, you can go see it at the theater for 5 cents. I'm so glad that women are allowed to vote now .Also now that women are allowed to have more jobs out of the house I've decided to also become a producer. Also all the "new women"seem so fun and I'm so happy I got to play a flapper in Coquette I'm so happy about the new model-t coming out. I hope to get it now that the assembly line has made it easier for companies to make the prices of products smaller for the public. I can't wait to drive to the hop next week in the new model-t. I love all the jazz music. Louis Armstrong is such a great musician. I just love how he sang "What a Wonderful World" I think it's great that everyone is allowed to sing now with the non-discrimination law. I also think the Harlem Renaissance is great because it's bringing out different types ofauthors, artists, and musicians I Can't wait to get a new radio. They're much cheaper now because of the assembly line.Also one of my fans was telling me the other day that after the assembly line started a lot more people in her town got new jobs. I don't understand why everyone's getting in a lather about prohibition. I don't truly understand the appeal of alcohol. I think it is terrible thatnow the elite group of Americans go tospeakeasies to have a drink. I personally like the change of not seeing drunk people on the street all the time. I have beeen hearing that dance marathons are the bee's knees. I can't believe how many girls were doing it too.My mother was telling me the other day about how when she was youngergirls had to wear long dresses and gloves.It's hard for me to imagine but that just shows how much America's culture has changed I can't believe that me and Douglas are getting marriedIt's great that he understands me too since he's also a movie star. I really hope that I stay married this time unlike with Buddy Rogers. I think that since mass media started we might need to go to different theaters all over the countrybut we'll hopefully make it work Peter Fox shoes$3.67 Flapper Dress $16.15 Langston Hughes- author Charlie Chaplin- producer Washing machine Information:"Mary Pickford." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 16 Jan. 2015Images;,dpr_1.0,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTIwNjA4NjMzNzY3NTYwNzE2.jpg peg g model-t car Brieanne Halperin Technology Fashion
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