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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marvel Studios Fox Studios Universal Sony Avengers Black Panther Doctor StrangeGhost RiderBlade Captain Marvel Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Guardians Of The Galaxy Avengers Villains Spiderman Hay un chance que Sony y Marvel Studios hacen un acuerdo en donde los dos companias pueden utilizar Spiderman en sus peliculas, especialmente Marvels Civil War donde Spiderman es muy importante al histora Venom Sinister SixSpiderman Villains Mutants Wolverine Xmen Deadpool Fantasitc four Silver Surfer Namor Marvel Movie Rights In the 1990s Marvel went into seriousfinancial problems and in order to save their company from going into debt and go bankrupt they had to sell their heroesto various companies in the case of how movies go. As a result, all the heroes are owned by different companies as shown Now that the film division of Marvel Entertainment exists, weve seen questions around the inter-webs about certain properties and copyrights concerning top-tier Marvel characters Decades ago, before Marvel was the ultra-successful blockbuster-making company it is today, it was actually teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. In order to get out of that bankruptcy, it struck licensing deals with companies like Fox and Sony around 1996. "Because the studios were in strong positions, they agreed to share only about 5 percent of the revenue from each film with Marvel," the Wall Street Journal reported. From a completely cynical and business perspective: it's in Marvel's best interest for Sony and Fox to lose their rights to their big characters, because it would mean that Marvel would reclaim those popular, money-making franchises.
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