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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MainCharacter Plot Line Martyn Pig Theme Martyn accidentallykills his dad.Oops. His neighbor Alex (crush)has a boyfriend, Dean,who finds out because he bugged her bag. Martyn's Aunt Jeancomes over and he has to hide the bodyfrom her. They dump the body& then Dean comesover for money for the tapes but they scare him off. Alex runs with themoney and then thepolice show up for MartynBut they can't prove anythingand he now lives with Aunt Jean. The theme is "Everything happensfor a reason" because things take turns and Martyn has tofigure out an answer and everythingthat happens in turn happens for the good of him or else he probablywould have gotten caught. I give this book a four and a half star rating. I tookhalf off because it was a little bit too easy but it really drew me in and I had to finish my book early because it was just getting too good. Therewere a good amount of plot twists and just an amazing plot in general. Martyn:He accidentally killed hisdrunkard abusive father whenthey got into a brawl and his father fell over and hit hishead on the fire place. the 1stperson Point Over view is from him. Dean:Alex's boyfriend; he buggedAlex's bag when she andMartyn were talking aboutwhat to do with his father'sbody and now wants moneyfor the tapes or he'll give thetapes to the police. Alex:Martyn's neighbor; she's withhim through the whole thingand is helping Martyn getrid of his father's body.
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