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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Martin Luther King Jr and Civil Rights What people thought about him King was a nonviolent activist. But King was not the one that invented nonviolentactivism. It was someone called Gandhi. ThePresident at that time was John F Kennedy. Despitethe fact that he was white, John respected Gandhi.Gandhi was a very successful nonviolent activist inthe past. John was friends with King so King decidedto learn more about Gandhi. This is what lead Kingto nonviolent activism. What King wanted and how Gandhi and King Kings life King wanted Black and whiteto be treated equally,and the way he did this wasby nonviolent protests. Thanksto Kings hard work in a lot ofcountries, racial inequality hasbeen stopped. Since King was fighting for equality betweenblack and white, black people thought that he was doing justice but whitepeople thought that he was doing badthings. Despite the color of skin therewere some people who agreed withhim. One of them was John F. Kennedy.Despite the fact thatKennedy was white, he thought that whatKing was doing was right. King was born in January 15, 1929he was not a poor person. As all theother black people he did not likethe way he was treated. Since hewas a victim, hr was able tounderstand what the people felt.Since King was a preacher, hedid 8 speeches from 1955 until his assassination in1968 April 4. An american calledJames Earl Ray was convictedto have killed King.
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