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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 with How did he create change? How was MLK influenced by Gandhi? MLK before he went to the Northernpart of the U.S he thoughtthat the black people being treated unequally was normal. He was motivated to create change when he went to he north and discovered that the black people there were treated equally. MLK wanted everyone tobe treated equally because they are all Americans. He wanted the fair Jim Crow laws to be changed. He made more than 200 speeches during his days. The most famous speech is his, "I Have A Dream" speech. It is famous because it made many people see how unfair the Jim Crow Laws were. This made change because it changed the way some people viewed the law A piece of evidence that proves he was influenced by Gandhi is from the non-violent techniques he used. MLK led the famous, "Montgomery Bus Boycott"They did this so that the government would change the law that made black Americans have to stand up for white Americans. The government changed the law because many people weren't using the buses and public transportation whichcaused them to loose money. Some black Americansthought of Dr. King as a leader. A man with a kind heart. Someone who means a lot to them Other black Americans, such asMalcolm X, thought his techniques were slow and ineffective. They thought he was a nuisance who made them look weaker. double click to change this title text! The government was ruled by the white Americans. They had acquire America first and brought Africans to use them as slaves. Since many people are light-skined, this made black Americans venerable. Many black Americans were unhappy. Thought that Martin was a threat because he could convince many people to stand up for what they think is right He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.This created change because he was morewell-known and more people would trust him. This led to more people joining him which led to more affective change. The man a Dream What change didhe want? What motivated MLK to "fight" for change? Martin Luther King, Jr. How was he viewed byvarious groups of society? Black Americans U.S Government By: Amy Reeves
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