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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mobile app Cloud Computing Dull colours, boringMap button didn't work SimpleEasy to useGives the basic info of the hotelA chance to check activities to do, events to attend and attractions to see near the hotelDifferent sorting possibilites according to price, city and distance to airport J. Willard Marriott Alice S. Marriott in 1927 - 1957 Internet connection = data accessable anytime, anywhere 3900 Hotels in 72 Countries Cuts hardware, energy and operational costs Much more versatileCustomer friendlier More info about the hotel chain itselfShortcuts to different services Secure data storiging, not dependent on the system bkreak down or any other disaster Chat to request amenities, wake-up calls, housekeeping... - Teleportation;virtual travel experience - Mobile check-in & out - Mobile guest services;An app that would come your personal concierge Innovations - Great room: free wifi, place to connect or disconnet - An app that connects hotel guests with similar interests Rates are actuallybetter in the hotel'swebpage than inintermediaries. Centralized data source is providing hotel rates and availability to customers, viatravel agencies, booking sites, and our own reservations systemsmaximizing your potential revenue Streamline Hotel OperationsThis system provides real-time visibility to financial data, simplifies front desk processes, and manages billing and payments. Guest Room King: 113 192 100% web-basedcentral bookingsystem, has fullconnectivity withonline distributors and has a verystrong presence in mobile applications Maximaze Customer LoyaltyTeam membersand guests canenter preference information, allowing personal attention to a guest's unique preferences. 85 years of History One of the bestcompanies to workfor & one of themost ethical companiesin the world
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