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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What fear did Annabeth have to overcomeand fight to retrieve Anthena Parthenos?A. The Fear of Night, Nyx.B. The Fear of Spiders, Arachne.C. The Fear of Death, Thanatos.D. There was nothing to overcome and fear. Main Characters AR Question Plot-Line At the beginning,leo is possessed by Eidolons (spirits) working for Gaea,and attacked New Rome sparkinga Civil War between Roman and Greek Demigods The Team flies across the U.S to Charleston to find a map, where upon arriving they have to battle RomanDemigods there and at Fort Sumter Theme Rick Riordan the many The Mark Of Athena by Adventure Percy Jackson, Son of PoseidonAnnabeth Chase, Daughter of AthenaJason Grace, Son of JupiterPiper Mclean, Daughter of Aphrodite They meet Hercules atthe mouth of the Mediterranean Seaand have to complete his questand fight him to continue to Rome In Rome Annabeth has to FindThe AthenaParthenos, a statue.She does, but then she has to fightArachne, Spider queen, in orderto get it. Percy and Annabeth Fall intoTartarus, they have to closethe Doors of Death. Hazel Levesque, Daughter of PlutoFrank Zhang, Son of MarsLeo Valdez, Son of Hephaestus Teamwork and Friendshipscan overcome anything I know this becausethroughout the book the team usesTeamwork and relies on their trust in eachother and the strength of their friendships toovercome obstacles in their way andreach their goals. This is an excellent read, not too easybut well enough to follow along with, allows reader to connectvery well. The Mythology and Diction makes it complicated at times butoverall understandable PercyHandsome young man,with messy black hair Sea green eyes.loyal to friends. JasonCorn Blond hair, Blue eyes,Average Height,rule and duty oriented AnnabethBlond hair,stormy grey eyes,excellent leader,brilliant strategist PiperUneven Caramel colored hair, eyes change color,Half-Cherokee,tomboyish, Leolooks like a "Latino Santa's elf",curly black hair,dark brown eyes,cheerful face andslim build HazelAfrican Americancocoa-colored skinCurly cinnamonbrown hair,Golden eyes.protective FrankChinese-Canadian,'cuddly' and 'fuzzy',with a chubby, babyish face.Insecure at times,but also reliable 5
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