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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Market Research - Architecture Define Objective Identify- Total Budget Timelines Create- Data Collection Vehicles Sample- Test Start- Testing Make Changes Leverage- Data, Technology and Social Media Collect- Data Investigate- Data Feedback Classify- Research Methods Key Data Points Report- Results Conclusive Evidence Un-conclusive Evidence Publish - Market Research Report Repeat Excercise >> What are our goals?>> What are we trying to achieve? >>What is our budget?>>How much time do we have?>>How long are we planning to continue market research?>> Is it a one time effort or do we want to spot sales trends? Product: >>Demographic Analysis >>Best Segments to target >>Competitor Analysis Future Clients >>Reach out plans >>Surveys Existing Clients >> Product Feedback >> Surveys >> Sales Patterns >> How are we going to engage our customers and prospects?>>What type of analysis?>>Are we going to use telephone, mail, web, direct interviews, focus groups? >> What are the technology options that can help our work?>> Which platforms are we going to use? (SMS, Google forms, links etc)>> What type of activities? (Intiation,Data collection etc) >> Runs sample tests and make corrections if necessary >> Allow enough time to Accumulate data >> Use expertise to clean up data, interpret open ended questions>> Convert raw data into actionable data>> Spot trends >> Is it possible to derive conclusive evidence?>> Is there enough data points to alter product positioning and pitch?>>Is there a need for further research>>Is there a need to follow up with the respondents >> If results are inconclusive, make changes and do additional research>>If not publish the report
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