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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Market Economy (America) Mixed Economy! (Canada) Government and citizens both helpwhen makingscarcity oreconomy decisions Citizens primarily help when makingscarcity oreconomydecisions In the middlebetween aplanned anda marketeconomy More right thana planned or amarketeconomy Think it is better for the government to make the most of the decisions instead of relying on people Think what the nation wants as an economy their way, so there isn't just a small group of people deciding what the country's economy should look like Decisions about resources based on supply and demand in the market Private and public enterprises both participate in economic decisions Most economies are classifiedas mixed, but some have the citizens deciding most of the economic and scarcitydecisions with little government involvement More stable More freedom System of choice Not system of choice Regulation to make supply and demand fit their standards Prices decided by supply and demand so the fit to its standards More free trade Less free trade Less flexible More flexible Both market and government control the factors of production Consumers activity with supply and demand control the factors of production A mix of privately owned and publicly owned. More privately owned business than publicly. Everything based on supply and demand Everything based on supply and demand, but depending on how well the economy does, people's income wages get raised and lowered Economic decisions are based oninteractionsfrom buyers and sellers in the market Economic decisions of households or firms interacting in markets decide economic resources Are not very competitive with their products More competitive products, and actually promotes it
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