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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 stay " I mean, I just had gotten money for having Totally Wicked E-Cigarette Welcome to Outcomes to High College Tuition Fees college tuition prices were reduced, more ideas and thoughts would be established out into the world.Maybe even social and economic disputes that are dealt with today could be solved. If A Better educated Society The talented should have the opportunity Those who have the oppertunity cant even get jobs! Sugar Daddies Many female college students who financially struggle when paying their tuition often resort to sugar daddies who will pay for it. " I needed money for school. I just did what needed to be done," How can you read this and feel not the slightest bit of dismay? This young woman sells herself to men who are twice, even three times her age. For what? An education. 1 in 5 employers worldwide cant fill positions.For some reasons that they do not acquire certain skills; skills others have who don't have the chance to prove it sex," Implies Taylor, a 22 year old college student. Top 5 Sugar Baby Colleges 1. Georgia State University2. New York University3. Temple University4. University of Central Florida5. University of South Florida The average sugar daddy is 39 years old 33% of sugar daddies are married! The average income is $273,301 Since 1982, college tuition fees has increased by 400% Two thirds of college students graduate with student loans In 2008, 17 million college graduates in the US are underemployed double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Snyder, Michael "16 shocking facts about student debt and The Great College Education Scam" Business Insider, Business Insider. Inc, 26 Dec. 2010. Web 21 Apr. 2014. "DATING: Here Are Six Facts About SUGAR DADDIES." 97.1 WASH-FM. N.p., n.d Web 21 Apr. 2014 Fairbanks, Amanda M. "seeking arrangement: college students using 'sugar daddies' To Pay Off Loan Debt" The Huffington Post., 29, July 2011. Web. 13 Apr. 2014. Why wait till its your time to struggle? The sooner it is noticed the sooner our worldcan grow!
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