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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lows of Getting High Paranoia Risk of Heart Attack Chronic Bronchitis Caused by the destruction of hairs inyour lungs from smoke inhalation Caused by the chemicalthat makes you more awareof your surroundings, which istriggered by THC. Caused by low blood pressure whichcauses the heart to beat faster by 50% Decreased Immunity Airway Inflamation and Infection Caused by multiple reasons: Memory Impairment 17% Beginning the use of marijuanaor alcohol before the age of 15increases the commonness ofsubstance abuse by 5x Caused by long term exposureof THC reacting with cannabinoidreceptors (CB1R), which arelocated in the brain, to get the "high"of smoking marijuana Smoking cannabis is associated with tracheobronchial injury Smoking cannabis with the contaminant Aspergillus fumigatus, commonlyfound on cannabis grown indoors, causes lung infection of regular marijuanasmokers experienceat least one of the followingsymptoms: panic, depression, dysphoria,depersonalization, delusions,illusions, and halucinations Caused by cannabinoids disturbingthe function of T and B lymphocytes, which are the white blood cellsresponsible for defending theimmune system of the body, causingyour body to be more susceptible toinfections and disease Cannabinoids, released when smokingcannabis, has been shown to affectnitric oxide production by macrophages,which are essential for the effectivekilling of bacteria Many adolescents and adults thinkof marijuana as a harmless drug,especially when compared to cigarettes.But Smoking marijuana has manyunknown and dangerous side effects. Cannabinoids are a chemical compound found in that react with cannabinoids receptors in the body to create the high feltwhen smoking marijuana. The most knowncannabinoid is the ingredient tetrahedroncannabinol (THC),prominent in the cannabis plant.
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