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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marie Curie made the discovery of polonium in 1898 and was the second of Marie Curies' major accomplishments. Radioactivity one of Marie Curie's most impressive accomplishments made in 1898. Federal Pell Grants orange juice CollegeGrants University Research Grants Other Grants Education Grants Commercial Grants Out of all the grants, 28%is for educational purposes 22% of all the grants is for Business Grants 37% of all the grants contribute for Other Community Grants Data as of Sept' 10 types of Research Grants are available 6 types of Training Grants are available double click to change this title text! Marie Curiea radioactive life Marie Curie was born in Poland even though she was a French scientist. she was born in Warsaw Poland in 1967 being the youngest of 5 children. Marie had 5 siblings. Born in Warsaw Poland. Married a man named Pierre curie. She had a madden name ofSklodowska. Radium is number 88 on the periodic table. Radium holds high levels of radio activity. Polonium has the atomic weight of 209. She has the number 84 on the periodic table. Marie Curie tragically died of radiation poisoning from her discovery of radium in 1934. Mari died of a blood disease. Before her death she won 2 Nobel prize's
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