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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Margaret Peterson Haddix During this authors life, some major current events include:1972- Apollo 17 goes to the moon1974- The Super Outbreak (The largest series of tornadoes)1974- President Nixon resigns1975- Bill Gates founds Microsoft1977- "The New York Blackout of 1977"1977- Elvis Presley diesThe Great Depression effected her as wellThese events may have effected Haddix positively (Apollo 17, Microsoft)and inspired her that anything is possible, and negatively (Super Outbreak, NY Blackout, Elvis dies.) . How old is she and where was she born?She was born April 9, 1964, which makes her 51 years old and she wasborn in Washington Court House, Ohio where she lived in a farm house. In school, Haddix was involved in many extracurricular activities,including playing the flute and piccolo, singing in the choir, but she had a deep love for reading and writing. School for herwas a pleasant experience. Haddix's mother worked as a nurse and her father was a farmer.She had 3 siblings. Her parents influenced her by creating in Margaret'smind that being an author was not a realistic career. Haddix grew up in a farm house and then graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Growing up in a small town mayhave influenced her writing by influencing the setting in her stories to match that. She says in her biography, "Somehow, for me, hearing so many different stories from so many different people--and witnessing so many different events--didn't just inspire me to write it all down. It also inspired me to play with different plots and characters and settings in my head. "
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