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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MarfanSyndrome 1) A person with MarfanSyndrome is usually aboveaverage human height andmay have really long fingers and a weak wrist. 2) Someone with Marfan Syndrome may haveunusual curvature ofthe spine. 3) Another common symptomof Marfan Syndrome is that someone might be fatiguedfairly easily, have shortnessof breath, and even heart palpitations. Signs and Symptoms of Marfan Syndrome 4) Marfan Syndrome can cause someone to haveextreme near-sightednessand some sort of blurryvision. double click to change this header text! 5) Marfan Syndromecan cause someoneto have spontaneouspneumothorax, whichcauses the lungs tobecome compressedor even collapse. 6) Marfan Syndrome cancause Dural ectasia, whichweakens the sac encasingthe spinal cord. This can lead to serious joint andback pain. Cause of Disorder Marfan Syndrome is actually a genectic disease that is passed down through a family.Even though you are more likely to get it if someone in your family has ever gotten it,there have been cases where people have gotten it when no one else in their family has ever had it. It's caused by a mutation FNB1 gene, which affects the connectivetissues in the body. The connective tissues are essential for normal growth patterns. Diagnosis It is really hard to determine whether someone has Marfan Syndrome, but they usuallyend up looking through someone's family history to see if anyone else in their family has ever had it. They also look for the common symptoms of Marfan Syndrome, suchas differences in the skeletal system. Life Expectancy Since there is revolutionary medical technology, the life expectancy of a person withMarfan Syndrome is actually very close to the average human. Treatment Currently, there is no cure for Marfan Syndrome and living with it can be a struggle, butthe symptoms are treated with small medical means as they come, making it mucheasier to cope with it. Frequency Currently, Marfan Syndrome is really rare around the world. Right now, around 1 out ofevery 5,000 people get it worldwide. Created By:John George
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